Listen. Plan. Prosper.

Our goal is to provide services which meet client needs in a new way that is rooted in tradition, but which also employs innovative and strategic thinking to meet the challenges of a dynamic tax environment. The focus and emphasis of the practice is on listening carefully and thoughtfully to clients and then advising them strategically in a way that deals not just with their short-term problems but with their long-term goals and objectives as well.

  • We think strategically.
  • We build lasting relationships with clients by delivering excellent and personalized customer service.
  • We give you the personal attention of any member of the team, including Barry, when you call.
  • Our low turnover of employees allows us to provide service with continuity.

Attorney at Law
Tax & Estate Planning

This is still the guiding principle of the firm: to listen carefully and to develop individualized solutions that include both short and long-term thinking.

We are small, but we deliver consistent value to clients and have for more than 20 years.