Did You Know? You Can Learn About Money Management From Downton Abbey

March 3, 2013

Are  you a fan of the PBS series Downton Abbey, as I am?  The series takes place before and after the first World War and follows the Crawley family as they learn to face a modern world of  new machines, politics, and attitudes, including, gulp, women’s rights!  All set against an economic climate that does not bode well for the continued support of the giant family mansion and numerous servants.  In today’s terminology, not a sustainable model.  Yet we are fascinated by the drama and the interior shots of that house — but it’s hard to miss some of the money management lessons shown as the Earl of Grantham finds himself disappointed and puzzled by the rapid departure of all his traditional assumptions, especially in the arena of personal finance.

The Wall Street Journal did a funny send up, but there are plenty basics that we can all learn from. Lots of the advice has to do with wills and trusts, and although we are almost 100 years after Downton, that advice still holds true.

Link to the story, as long as they leave it up: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887323293704578330243703304194.html



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