Cyber Security Continues To Be a Nightmare Issue

August 6, 2015

First Target and Anthem breaches, now the Office Of Personnel Management for the US Government.   It seems as if it never ends, so we all need to increase our awareness of it.

For those of you who are employed by the US Government and may have had your personal information stolen in this recent hacking of computer records, you may want to take steps now.

Many times, criminals hold off using this information as the the theft is recent, high profile, and is causing the most scrutiny. Once things die down, and people are lulled into a sense of security, often the thieves will sell or use this information.

Most disturbing is the fact that most users have the same passwords for all their logins, and many of them are associated with credit cards or bank accounts. So once the information, including security question answers, has been stolen, it is fairly easy for these hackers to hack into other accounts or exploit relationships users have with other entities.

What to do?  The best advice is to change all your passwords regularly and to use passwords that are completely dissimilar from each other, have alpha-numeric and special characters in it. One easy way is to download or buy a password protection app like One Password (works across devices – I use this), Last Pass, and many other programs that can create and manage random passwords.

If you are a Government employee, you may want to check out this article which recommends getting an IRS Issued IP PIN number for filing your tax return. Check out this link to learn more.

For more information on the IRS Identity Protection PIN number, click this link.

Please call if you need anymore information on this or other identity theft problems.

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