Our New Stepped Up Security Measures

December 29, 2015

Identity theft is a current and horrifyingly repetitive occurrence  that has increased the need and demand for higher levels of information safety on an individual and organizational level.  We have recently adopted a new and higher level of document security so that we can better protect our clients.

Unfortunately, the downside of this is to put you, our clients, through more hoops to get your information from us.  Passwords, encryption, the lack of ability to get easy and immediate access to information, all of it is putting more and more burden on consumers, but the alternative seems worse.  Much worse.

You will find that when we are emailing you confidential documents they will be coming to you as encrypted attachments. You only need to click on the “Download Attachment” link and supply your name and the document will decrypt and open.  When you reply to us, your emails to us will be encrypted as well.

When we send emails requesting information, we will be adding an “Upload Documents” link, so that you can upload any documents from your computer and send them directly, and securely, to us.

The level of encryption we are using (AES 256-bit encryption) used by companies seeking the highest level of protection.  Which now includes us.

We will also be using an electronic signature on Forms 8879, Authorization to Efile. You will receive a link, forms to download and review, and you will be signing the form with your mouse. And returning it to us by secure email.

And for some clients who have a need to access or exchange many documents, we will have secure password protected folders that you can access at any time which will be solely restricted for your use.

So in summary, we are trying to get tax information to you more safely, even if it means a bit more work for us and for you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we implement these new measures.



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