Frequently Asked Questions

If I extend my personal return, when is it due?

October 15th, although in extraordinary cases, a second extension can be filed. Please call for more information.

Is there a benefit to having a fiscal year for my C Corporation?

Yes, it gives you a superior ability to do tax planning when you have a different fiscal year for your business than the calendar year you have as an individual.

Do you only do one type of tax return?

No, we do them all, including estates, trusts, benefit plans, business entities and individuals. If you come in for your business, we can also do your personal returns, if you wish. That way, we can coordinate the expense and revenue items to be sure everything is reported accurately, on the proper return, and with the greatest tax benefit for our clients.

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This is still the guiding principle of the firm: to listen carefully and to develop individualized solutions that include both short and long-term thinking.

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